19-May-2018Flintridge, CA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for Wardrobe Boxes for my move in two weeks. I'm good on all other types of boxes. Just hoping to find some wardrobe boxes to pack my clothing in. Thank you. Dale
29-Apr-2018Flintridge, CA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a round card table seating 6-8 people.
27-Apr-2018Flintridge, CA(18 miles)Items Wanted
I am in need of pots/planters, shovel, lawn mower or edger
25-Apr-2018Lancaster, CA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Hi does anyone have a working microwave they no longer require...thanks for looking
25-Apr-2018Flintridge, CA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, I need some form -- or combination -- of heavy hardscape,as in rocks, bricks, concrete (from replaced driveway perhaps) pavers, etc. to weigh down some plastic to prevent weeds from coming back. If you can help with any of the above please let me know. Thanks. AL
16-Apr-2018Flintridge, CA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, if you have skeins of unwanted yarn lying around i would love to have them, any material (wool, acrylic, cotton, mohair, silk) would work. Any knitting/crochet supplies will come in handy as well (needles, crochet hooks etc.) :) Thanks in advance!
16-Apr-2018Flintridge, CA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Would really appreciate a carpet as I am moving into a room that is about 11 x 10, and there is no carpet. I am a Graduate student and I don t really want to dish out the money so if someone is generous enough to donate one to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
Hello! Our comet gold fish (fresca) is getting to big for her tank and we need a bigger sized one. We are in the transition of moving. I hope you can be the one to help! Thanks so much!
9-Apr-2018Flintridge, CA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for wardrobe boxes, any size (shorty or regular). Also moving boxes in general would be great. Thank you!
29-Mar-2018Flintridge, CA(18 miles)Items Wanted
my 5 gallon plants have overgrown their 5 gallon pots and are in desperate need for transplant in bigger planter. I need 3 but even one would be greatly appreciated
7-Mar-2018Lancaster, CA(16 miles)Items Wanted
In need of free moving boxes. I can come pick them up. Thank you!
In search of free moving boxes. I can come pick them up.
1-Mar-2018Flintridge, CA(18 miles)Items Wanted
American Red, White, Blue - Stars and Stripes! As well as any "American" Military Flag! Army, Marines, Air Force Etc... American!
17-Feb-2018Flintridge, CA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any kind of plants. I ll dig up and haul away, potted plants or cuttings. Thank you
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